Hyr fotostudio i Dalarna - Leksands Foto

Vår fotostudio i Insjön (Dalarna)

Photostudio is dedicated to product photography assignments.

Available equipment:

Elinchrom BRX 500 - 2 pcs.

The BRX compact flash units are a further evolution of the features and quality that are Elinchrom. With many programmable features and the EL-Skyport remote system, the BRX enables photographers the greatest freedom to express their individuality. The BRX series deliver the quality of performance needed for a modern workflow. Available in 500 Ws, they are perfect for portraiture and product photography.

Elinchrom D-Lite RX One - 4 pcs.

Delivering approximately twice the power of speedlights, the D-Lite RX ONE is a small but robust compact flash.

Many photographers confuse flash units and light. It is true that flash is light, but without accessories it remains a harsh directional light. What really makes the difference is how you shape light. We offer a wide range of superbly designed reflectors, compatible with Elinchrom studio flash system. Each reflector is specially designed to do a different job. 

Elinchrom Rotalux Softbox Octa 135 cm

Very popular among beauty and fashion photographers, as they prefer the round catchlight given by this softbox. You can make yourself a great folding beauty dish just by removing the front and inner diffusers and adding one of the optional deflectors.

Elinchrom Rotalux Strip Softbox 35x90 cm - 2 pcs.

This softbox is great for product photography, especially bottles and other round reflectives items. They can also be used for narrower ¾ length portraits and are also widely used to light backgrounds where the length helps avoid fall-off from top to bottom.

Elinchrom Portalite Square 66 cm - 2 pcs.

Ideal for head and shoulder portraits, products or for use in small spaces. The catchlight can be similar to windows. The EL speed ring and rods are designed to give good stability and quick assembly.

Standard Reflector 50° 21 cm - 2 pcs.

The Standard Reflector 21cm combines high output with a good spread of light. It forms the basis of many lighting effects as it is designed to be used with the accessory holders with barndoors and honeycomb grids, gels, diffuser, etc. as well as for efficient illumination of large areas.

8° Honeycomb Grid 21 cm - 1 pc.

This grid very strongly limits the light spread and offers sharper shadows. Fits to Standard Reflector 21 cm.

Background Reflector - 1 pc.

This is a simple but effective reflector that has been produced for the specific purpose of illuminating backgrounds. It is mounted onto a head and placed on a low level stand and will give an attractive illumination perfect for portrait photography.

Snoot Reflector & Grid - 1 pc.

A Snoot is great for producing small, tight areas of light. Add the grid for a smaller but softer circle.

Umbrella Wide Reflector 90° 16 cm - 2 pcs

Gives a wide even coverage, excellent for copy work, single light source or large groups photography. Ideal when used in conjunction with an umbrella as this reflector evenly illuminates the umbrella (no central hot spot).

Pro White Umbrella 105 cm - 1 pc.

This Umbrella is an excellent general-purpose lighting tool with a white, matt reflective fabric. The outer fabric is in black, to minimise shining through light's. 

Manfrotto 1052bac - 8 pcs.

Medium-sized air-cushioning black lightstand. It rises to a maximum height of 2.3 m. Air cushioning protects fingers and mounted equipment. If the stand sections are not sufficiently tightened, mounted equipment eases down to minimum height instead of slamming down suddenly.

Avenger D520L 40" Extension Arm (3 pcs) in conjunction with Avenger D200 2.5" Grip Head to gain reach and articulation via the arm's built-in grip head. This chrome-plated or black steel arm can hold a small light head, flag, or reflector.

Manfrotto Super Clamp is a very versatile tool and it holds just about anything: cameras, lights, umbrellas, hooks, shelves, plate glass, cross bars, even other Super Clamps. In turn, the Super Clamp can be securely mounted on any tube from 0.5" to 2.1". An attached wedge can be removed and placed in the jaw for flat surfaces. A built-in socket allows the use of over 30 attachments to hold anything from backgrounds to lighting fixtures. 

Take a virtual tour inside the studio

Studio shooting area - 2.80m x 6.20m or around 20m2, ceiling 2.20m + additional room 16m2.

Location:  Stationsvägen, Insjön, Dalarna.

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