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Google Street View Virtuell Rundtur
i Dalarna Län, Sverige 

Överallt finns företag som inför Virtual Tour. As a Google Street View | Trusted Photographer, we produce Street View-like panoramic tour of business to be showcased on Google Maps, Google+ and Search across mobile, desktop, and tablet.

Restaurang & Pizzeria Milano, Insjön

Trädgårdscafé Udden, Leksand

First Hotel Tällberg

Rhodos Restaurang & Pizzeria, Mockfjärd

Klockargården Hotell, Tällberg

Restaurang Golden Crown, Ludvika

Hotell Leksand

Klockargårdens i Norberg AB

På G gym, Djurås

GC Bar & Lounge, Leksand

Hyundai Tucson, Åkessons Bilcenter i Leksand

Restaurang Akropolis, Leksand

Vestlis Flugfiske & Fritid, Gagnef

Pizzeria Napoli, Leksand

Musikcenter i Borlänge

Erkut Pizzeria, Rättvik

Fänforsens Restaurang, Björbo

Pub Mysen & Pizzeria, Djurås

Mari's Hälsobutik i Mora

Restaurang Lyktan, Leksand

Åkessons Bilcenter, Leksand

Restaurang Bosporen, Leksand

Black Rock, Borlänge

Wanpen's Thai Food, Leksand

Restaurang Dalarasten, Säter

Apostlarna Petrus och Paulus Ortodoxa Kyrka, Ö.Rönnäs, Leksand

Gagnef Restaurang, Gröntuv

Legends Sportbar och Restaurang

American pizza today, Leksand

Restaurang Dido, Vansbro - 18 pano

På G gym, Leksand

Chang Thai, Rättvik

Pizzeria Varpan, Falun

Helenas Restaurang, Borlänge

Rodi's Restaurang & Pizzeria, Vansbro

Lustgårdens Pönkun, Dala-Floda

Restaurang Black Rock, Borlänge

Leksands Kebab and Pizzeria

Insjöns Väveri Butik

Sätergläntan Butik, Insjön

Pizzeria Pronto, Borlänge

Smak and Sensorik, Gagnef

Terrible Twins, Insjön

Grycksbo Krogen, Falun

Prins Ali, Leksand

Pizzeria Venezia, Malung

Produktfotografering Studio i Dalarna - watorafy

Trä - Sätergläntan Institutet för slöjd och hantverk

smide - Sätergläntan Institutet för slöjd och hantverk

väv - Sätergläntan Institutet för slöjd och hantverk

Sömnad - Sätergläntan Institutet för slöjd och hantverk

Pizzeria Milano, Ludvika

Z-KROG Restaurang, Falun

Restaurang & Pizzeria Pronto i Mora

Ottilia Adelborgmuseet | 13 Pano

Bilverkstan i Leksand AB, Autoexperten

Bilbolaget i Leksand

Restaurang Chapeau d'or, Falun

Pizzeria och restaurang Torino, Mora

OKQ8 petrol station, Leksand

Insjöns Väveri

If your business is not showing on Google Maps then hundreds of your potential customers could not find right information about your business.

Once your business is on Google Maps then you make it easy for potential customers to find your address, phone number, working hours and website.

Virtual Tour inside your business is shown on Google Maps and beautifully presents your company to potential customers

In this example Åkessons Bilcenter got more then 5000 views in one month simply because they appeared on Google Maps!

Every business located on Google Maps would have personal business page on Google+ network.

Comprehensive statistic of how many times your business and its contents were viewed is available for business owner.

Information about clicks for driving directions, phone number or to your website from local Google search results.

You can see how many time your business was called then potential customers are using smartphones.

Once your business with virtual tour is on Google Maps it would also be shows on Google Search.

Those who view a virtual tour are twice as likely to be interested in booking a reservation in restaurant. And among 18-34 year-olds in particular, prospects are 130% more likely to book based on a tour.

Among people surveyed, 67% want more business listings to have virtual tours. Of the remainder, 26% were indifferent, and 7% stated that more virtual tours were unnecessary.

Google is the most popular search engine in Sweden. When people are searching for restaurants and hotels online, 62% of them use Google.

Watorafy shooting Google Business View in Sweden

Virtual Tour inside your business consists of several panoramas and number of panoramas depends on the size of your place. We shoot several panoramas and then link them together for single tour which would appear on Google. Here is example of various floor plans with panorama locations. Most photoshoots will require at least 5 panoramas for good and effective coverage of the business premises.

9 pano

10 pano

20 pano

How much virtual tour cost?

Virtual tour is a part of the Google My Business solution for your business. We have created a special package which includes:

- initial consultation and explanation of Google solution for your business;
- setting up your new Google account or adjusting existing one;
- creating, adding and verifying your business place on Google;
- setting up and testing your Google+ business page;
- scheduling convenient for your business time for photoshoot;
- executing 360 degree photography inside your business;
- taking high quality photos of your points of interest;
- images are taking with professional Canon equipment;
- publishing virtual tour and photos to your Google listing;
- adding Google virtual tour to your Facebook business page;
- providing link for embedding virtual tour to your website;
- installing Google My Business App on your phone or tablet;
- showing and explaining your business statistics and results;
- providing qualified support within first month;

price starts from 5990 SEK  (excl. moms)

(one time fee, no additional or hidden cost)

godkänd för F-skatt

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