Photography studio for your business in Dalarna


Vi gör produktfotograferingar till stora katalog produktioner, webbshoppar, kampanjer och produktblad.
Oavsett om ni har stora eller små volymer hittar vi en process som är kostnadseffektiv och gör leveransen av bilder enkel.

Leksand  |  Dalarna  |  Sweden


Ett urval av vara kunder de senaste åren


Hi there! I am Slava Druk, originally from Russia and now living and working in Siljansnäs. Since 2015 I was able to help around 300 local businesses across Dalarna region to get more visibility and more customers by using beautiful photography and innovative technology.

I'm focusing on product photography, working with companies or individuals who produce or sell theirs merchandise. Pictures which I create could be used online or in print. And since most of your buyers are online, most of them are making purchasing decision based on the image of product rather than actual product. That is why it so important to present your business and products with great photography!

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