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Insjöns Väveri is a family weaving business which has been operating for almost 70 years. It started in 1947 by Ivar Hollstein in Insjön Dalarna Sweden, where business is still exists. Insjöns Väveri are proud to be the Royal Purveyors to His Majesty (Kungliga Hovleverantörer) since the 70's. 

Thanks to retain the old looms (constructed in 1920) Insjöns Väveri can weave linen cloths completely as the old hand-woven originals. Many of the patterns have been more than a century of tradition. Many visitors come today to see the old mechanical manufacturing, listening to the looms and the throbbing feel of flax characteristic odor.

Insjöns Väveri have its website and facebook page but unfortunately this business was not properly presented across Google where more than 90% of all internet users are looking for answers. We created a proposal which includes business verification on Google and creating interactive virtual tour inside its premise. Here is some insides of how we helped to feature this business on Google.

We have to check the current status of this business on Google. When we look for 'insjöns väveri' on Google search we could see the information box on the right side of Google's first page, featuring See outside link, link to the Google Maps, address and phone number. This proove that business exist on Google Maps. However, it says 'Own this business' - meaning that this place have not been claimed by owner and have not been verified on Google.

Google Maps offers to 'Claim this business'. To do so, business owner should sign in to Google and follow all steps. In this case business owner did not have his Google account and we've created new one for him.

During verification process Google have to be sure that you are the real business owner. To prove it Google will send a letter/postcard with verification code to your business's address. From my experience it could take about 2 weeks to reach the owner. But sometime letter get missing and business owner have to ask verification code again. However, with my help verification can be done within couple of days.

Now Google creates a special page for your business and while business owner is waiting for verification, he could update business information and upload photos featuring this business.

Once your business is verified on Google, your business page would have additional options for managing your business, including comprehensive statistics available under 'INSIGHTS' menu. From here you can see how many people were activly looking for your business on Google and how many of them took the actions like going to your website, looking for photos, calling to your business or looking for driving direction. This statistics show that there are hundreds of people who are expecting to see more of your business. That's why it's so important to claim, verify and manage your business place on Google.

Before verification


And managing your photos are really easy on computer, tablet or smartphone with Google My Business App.

Before pictures


Here is example of how information about Insjöns Väveri AB has changed on Google Search and Google Maps. As you can see, by simply claim and verify your business you can control that your potential customers would see about your business on Google.





Once people would click on Photos box on Google then photos which are related to this business would be shown full screen, giving more information about this business. Moreover, thanks to available statistic on your Google business page, you as a business owner would see how many people have looked at your pictures.

Add 360 degree virtual tour inside your business.

Everything that were explained above could be and should be done by business owners - putting your business on Google is absolutely free of charge without hidden or additional cost. If you found this process is difficult - I'm ready to help.
Once, thanks to statistics, you would see that your business page is visited by number of people, you can offer to them a little bit more to engage your potential customers to your business with 360 degree interacting virtual tour created by Google Trusted Photographer (Slava Druk) using Street View technology. Moreover, virtual tour could double interest in your business.

It takes around one hour to complete photoshoot for 360 virtual tour. Tour consist of several steps, each step represent photosphere which comprise 12 images. After the photoshoot it takes couple of days to edit and publish the tour on Google.

After editing and publishing virtual tour it available as a See Inside box on Google Search and Google Maps.

Here is the list of all steps which were done
to enhance the presence of the business on Google:

- initial consultation and explanation of Google solution for your business;
- setting up your new Google account or adjusting existing one;
- creating, adding and verifying your business place on Google;
- setting up and testing your Google+ business page;
- scheduling convenient for your business time for photoshoot;
- executing 360 degree photography inside your business;
- taking high quality photos of your points of interest;
- images are taking with professional Canon equipment;
- publishing virtual tour and photos to your Google listing;
- adding Google virtual tour to your Facebook business page;
- providing link for embedding virtual tour to your website;
- installing Google My Business App on your phone or tablet;
- showing and explaining your business statistics and results;
- providing qualified support within first month;



Direct link to see inside manufacturing facilities -

and inside its butik -

or click on the image below to get inside Insjöns Väveri with Street View Technology

Virtual tour is also could be directly integrated into your Facebook business page.

Thus, virtual tour is beautifully represents your business across Google putting more confidence into your potential customers!

Call me anytime and I would help your business to stand out of competition online.

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